About Us

Luigi Veronelli

Isola Augusta’s wines are palatable and cheerful; they are wines that oppose traditional alcohol strength and heaviness which have led the way in this area. They look for aromas and a liveliness that is in tune with a more youthful, but not simpler, taste. They are not stripped or simplified wines; they have all the elegance and delicacy that classic varietals can produce…

Luca Maroni

“In Friuli, there are all the Italian grapes and all the international grapes; it’s a truly fabulous terroir, a lush green countryside, which is very generous and well-interpreted by winemakers… An area such as Latisana was a brilliant idea by Veronelli, in terms of the lay of the land, height above sea level, and environmental factors; it is very similar to Bordeaux. There is a great opportunity to grow as a zone, to convey its peculiarities… If you take into account the value for money for a 40-50% greater quality compared to French wines, the cost in the cellar is significantly lower…”

Isi Benini, anno 1984

Massimo Bassani is a winegrower who closely follows modern wine technology, but at the same time, remains faithful to tradition and to the spontaneous suggestions of the earth. He interprets these suggestions, between the vineyards and the cellar, not with indulgence, but with the intransigence and attention towards ancient winemaking, yet carried out according to the most modern criteria. Nothing is left to chance, yet it is not forced, to obtain from the clay soils of Isola Augusta, young wines that are both modern and traditional, inviting wines. In other words, wine which is able to seduce and enchant the palates of the young and not so young in equal measure. Wines at the service of fine dining…